A passion for things done right

A passion for things done right, perfectionism that never settles for the easiest result, even with a dose of nit-picking: these have always been the distinctive traits of our wine-making family, as well as our wines.

Terra d’Aligi is the mark of excellence of a company and of a family that has been making wine for generations. People describe us as authentic people of Abruzzo: with our feet on the ground and our gaze towards the future. This is likely the truth. Our feet on the ground, meaning our love for the land and our in-depth knowledge of what it is capable of producing, the innate ability to sense the soil, the air, to understand the potential of a terrior. Our gaze towards the future is what drives us every day to bring our wine into the world, to spread appreciation for the immense gifts offered by this small strip of Italy.

WHO WE AREProducers of fine wines since 1973

Our wines have always reflected the land from where they came.

It is a form of respect that also translated into the selection of their names. The stone structures with cupolas that the shepherds built for shelters throughout our mountains are called Tolos, with their origins going back to the dawn of time. Tatone is the affectionate term for grandfather, traditionally the most important figure in the Abruzzo family. And Zite are the young girls to be married: we chose this name for our Pecorino because this wine was used to celebrate weddings.

These are all wines that recount the history, traditions and legends of a land that has lived for thousands of years.

01Our philosophy

Wine is created by the land. Our job is to understand, cultivate and exalt the gifts offered by the land of Abruzzo, respecting its character.

02Our technique

Selective cultivation, based on in-depth knowledge of the terriors. Processing and ageing based on centuries of experience, never betrayed by technology.

03Our commitment to the environment

Terra d’Aligi is our land, our most precious heritage. Defending, caring for and protecting it are our primary priorities.

ExploreA story of the land and wine

A grand family and grand team, with passion and enthusiasm for their land, their vineyards and the great wines that Abruzzo produces.

FIRST GENERATIONThe company was founded by Vincenzo Spinelli. His passion for wine was transmuted from the family sphere into a productive, commercial business.
SECOND GENERATIONVincenzo's sons, Carlo and Adriano, began working in the company full time. Productive volumes grew and the production process was perfected, from cultivation methods to the selection of grape varieties, wine-making and bottling.
RAPID GROWTHThe company continued to grow, acquiring new productive facilities and equipping them with state of the art technologies.
INTERNATIONAL EXPANSIONThe Terra d'Aligi brand became a decisive player on international markets. Logistics were expanded.
CONSOLIDATIONNow present around the world, the brand refined its image and intensified research into maximum quality, also thanks to the contribution of the best Italian wine experts.
TODAYTerra d'Aligi wines are known as some of the best wines from Abruzzo, deeply rooted in the land and traditions, but also open to suggestions from the modern world of wine consumption, which finds one of its main global pillars in Italy. A carefully contemplated expansion in the range of products included a new line of spirits.